what the premier- Corriere.it will say today

The vaccination plan, the recovery plan, interventions on the tax authorities, at work and at school: this morning Mario Draghi will expose to the Senate the guidelines of the government action with which it is proposed to accompany the country out of the “multidimensional crisis”Caused by Covid 19. This will be his task. But the prime minister in his speech for trustit will not stop at the problems dictated by contingency, it will also carry out an analysis on the structural weaknesses of Italy that preceded the pandemic. Because the examination of the data, carried out in these days, has offered him a more detailed and crude representation of the national condition.

On the other hand, his government is not a government like the others: the office entrusted to him by the President of the Republic, the large majority who accepted the appeal, give the sense of drama and urgency. Therefore Draghi will focus attention on the issues highlighted at the time of taking up the post and reiterated to the parties in the consultations, during which he also emphasized the profile Europeanist and Atlanticist of its executive. If this is the heart of the premier’s speech, it remains to be understood what words he will say towards the parties of the large majority, what will be the rules of engagement in Parliament come in cabinet.

In some ways a first step has been taken: the meeting between Matteo Salvini and Nicola Zingaretti was the response of the parties to the request of the Prime Minister to establish a moratorium between alternative and temporarily allied forces. But clear that one gesture is not enough, given the activism of the leader of the League and the words spoken yesterday by the secretary of the Democratic Party: We collaborate but it is unthinkable that the parties are canceled. And then the problem will not be so much verifying how long Draghi’s honeymoon with the country will last but how long it will hold up the coexistence of competing parties among them with the premier who they agreed to support.

Bearing the weight will not be easy given the deadlines. Perch the Administrative in spring will be a political test, as the mayors of the major Italian cities will be chosen in the polls. And as an authoritative minister explained in recent days, one thing if the challenge between center-right and center-left ended substantially even. It would be another thing if the result were unbalanced on one side. How would the other party react at that point? It would certainly affect the government, in Parliament ….

Toccher today to the premier, on the day in which they receive the trust, make it clear if and to what extent they can satisfy the needs of the parties and what limit instead protect the action of its executive and the mandate received. Because yesterday, on the eve of Draghi’s entry to Madama palace, the political forces continued their positioning battle. Sometimes with seemingly impromptu actions. At a certain point, like a bolt from the blue, the birth of an intergroup between the Pd Cinque stelle and Leu was announced. Only in the Senate, but not in the House. For that matter a Giuseppe Conte to reappear and bless the operation, not even the birth of a rassemblement. In reality this announcement was meant to be used as a buffer the bleeding of grillini who do not want to vote for trust.

Draghi follows the dynamics of the majority and prominent M5S executives have assured him that they should be able to contain internal dissent to a dozen senators and as many deputies. But it is precisely these details that alarm those who bet on the success of the executive. Why today the Draghi government. Point, says a notable of the Democratic Party: The risk that politically ill parties grab the alive one by the legs.

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