Carrera on the bench, Cianci on goal Two rookies make Bari happy

twelve o’clock, February 17, 2021 – 10:37 pm

Entered mid-second the attacker of the San Girolamo district scores the goal of the victory (1-0) over Monopoli in a derby that marked the debut of the new coach

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BARI – Him Pietro and who knows if Carrera will melt his Bari on this stone. Cianci was the hero of the match against Monopoli. Having entered the heart of the second half yesterday, he found the way to the net, giving three precious points to the red and white and unblocking a match too bad to be true. A victory that allows Bari to stay in the wake of Avellino, who in turn won over Foggia. The Apulians are third, but with one more game to play.

The choices of Auteri’s successor

The first Bari di Carrera different, from a tactical point of view, from the last of Auteri. No more three-man defense, room for a four-man rear. The main novelty, however, in the 4-2-3-1 red and white, lies in the role of Maita, advanced in support of Candellone and in line with the two offensive wingers Marras and D’Ursi. A necessity, more than a real choice, considering the absences of Antenucci and Citro, as well as the presence of a Cianci still in half service. The fact is that Bari struggles tremendously to find consistency and unpredictability in the game. All very, too linear to worry the three-man defense of Monopoli. Only once do the hosts make themselves dangerous, and it is no coincidence that this happens in the only circumstance in which someone turns on the light with a play over the top. We are at 35 ‘and Marras brushes for D’Ursi, the former Catanzaro for wasting kicking over the crossbar. The best opportunity, to tell the truth, is the prerogative of Monopoli: on the development of a throw-in Paolucci invents an overhead kick that puts Tazzer in a position to make Bari tremble. The ball crashes on the post.

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Bari is reborn and beats Monopoli in the derby
The homemade hero who lifts the red and white

The second half begins immediately with a change: out the disappointing Lollo, in De Risio, with the hope that this will give more precision to a maneuver that is nothing short of cumbersome. Marras tries the play in the area but gets only a warning for simulation (he will miss the next match with Catania due to disqualification), on the other side Starita scores, but in an irregular position. a Bari still constipated and asphyxiated, Carrera then tries to run for cover and inserts Cianci, on his debut with the jersey of his hometown team. The “cockerels” try with D’Ursi in the middle of the fraction, but the diagonal doesn’t bother Satalino too much. And they try again with Cianci, who does not find the jab in the fray. The move of despair has the name of Mercury, a young attacking midfielder born in 2003, who takes the place of a disoriented Maita in that slice of the field. the signal, at least, of the desire to achieve victory with nails. And this, ultimately, arrives. Thanks to Cianci. The hero from Bari who raises the Bari. The red and white night has a good reason to be sweet.

February 17, 2021 | 22:37


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