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And the war on bureaucracy? Not at all, the canonical promise to overthrow the bureaucracy, all the prime ministers thrown there for decades without ever a real outlet, is not there. Perhaps because he himself, Mario Draghi, has a noble idea of ​​good bureaucracy, the one that makes the machinery of states run in serious countries. Perhaps because he knows how empty words alone can be. Ephemeral. Confetti. The themes, those matter. And the credibility of those who will finally take them head on. Knowing that on those it will be measured.

TO ATTRACT«Well-being, self-determination, legality and security are closely linked to the increase in employment in the South. Developing the ability to attract private, national and international investments is essential for generating income, creating jobs, reversing demographic decline … ».

GOOD (PLANET) “The economic policy response to climate change and the pandemic will have to be a combination of structural policies that facilitate innovation, financial policies that facilitate the access of businesses capable of growing to capital and credit and expansionary monetary and fiscal policies that facilitate investment and create demand for the new sustainable businesses that have been created. We want to leave a good planet, not just a good currency ».

AWARENESS«We will have to learn to prevent rather than repair, not by deploying all the technologies at our disposal, but also by investing in the awareness of the new generations that every action has a consequence. As has been repeated many times, we will have around 210 billion available over a six-year period. These resources will have to be spent aiming to improve the growth potential of our economy ”.

DAD“The spread of Covid has caused deep wounds in our communities, not only on the health and economic level, but also in the cultural and educational one. Girls and boys, especially those in secondary schools, have had school service through distance learning which, while ensuring the continuity of the service, cannot fail to create inconvenience and highlight inequalities ».

SELFISHNESS “I express to you, who are the elected representatives of the Italians, the hope that the desire and the need to build a better future wisely guide our decisions, in the hope that the young Italians who will take our place, here too, in this House, thank us for our work and let them blame us for our selfishness’.

FRAGILITY«The other reform that cannot be postponed is that of the Public Administration. In the emergency, administrative action at central level and in local and peripheral structures has shown resilience and adaptability thanks to a widespread commitment to remote work and an intelligent use of the technologies at its disposal, but the fragility of the public sector administrations and services of collective interest, however, is a reality that must be rapidly addressed ».

JUSTICE“In the country-specific recommendations addressed to Italy in the years 2019 and 2020, the Commission (…) urges us to increase the efficiency of the civil judicial system by implementing and promoting the application of the reform decrees on insolvency, guaranteeing a functioning more efficient than the courts, favoring the elimination of the backlog and better management of workloads, adopting simpler procedural rules … “

IRREVERSIBILITY “Supporting this government means sharing the irreversibility of the choice of the euro and the prospect of an increasingly integrated European Union”.

WORKERS“The government will have to protect workers, all workers, but it would be a mistake to protect all economic activities indifferently; some will have to change even radically and the choice of which activities to protect and which to accompany in the change is the difficult task that economic policy will have to face in the coming months ”.

MODELS“Some growth models will have to change: for example, the tourism model, an activity that before the pandemic represented 14% of our total economic activities. Companies and workers in that sector must be helped to emerge from the disaster created by the pandemic. But without forgetting that tourism will have a future if we do not forget that it thrives on our ability to preserve the environment, that is, at least not to waste cities of art, places and traditions that successive generations, through many centuries, have been able to preserve “.

NORMAL“Not only do we need to quickly return to normal school hours, even distributing them over different time slots, but we must do everything possible, in the most suitable ways, to make up for the hours of face-to-face teaching lost last year, especially in the southern regions”.

PRIDE«We must be proud of the Italian contribution to the growth and development of the European Union. Without Italy there is no Europe, but outside of Europe there is less Italy. There is no sovereignty in solitude ».

POOR“The data from the Caritas listening centers, which compare the period May-September of 2019 with the same period of 2020, show that from one year to the next the incidence of the new poor goes from 31 to 45 percent. Almost one in two people who turn to Caritas today does so for the first time ».

QUOTE ROSA“Italy today has one of the worst wage gaps between genders in Europe, as well as a chronic shortage of women in senior managerial positions. True gender equality does not mean a pharisaic respect for women’s quotas required by law, it requires equal competitive conditions between genders to be guaranteed ”.

REFORMS “A tax reform marks a decisive step in every country: it indicates priorities; gives certainties; offers opportunities. It is the cornerstone of fiscal policy. In this perspective, a profound revision of the personal income tax must be studied, with the dual objective of simplifying and rationalizing the structure of the levy, gradually reducing the tax burden and preserving progressiveness ».

IMBALANCES“Our social security system is unbalanced, not sufficiently protecting citizens with temporary jobs and self-employed workers. The forecasts published last week by the European Commission indicate that, although the European recession in 2020 was less severe than expected (so pre-pandemic levels of economic activity should recover in just over a year), in Italy this will not happen before the end of 2022 ».

INJUSTICE “I have often wondered if we, and I am referring first of all to my generation, have done and are doing for them everything that our grandparents and fathers did for us, sacrificing themselves beyond measure. (…) It is a question that we cannot avoid when we increase our public debt without having spent and invested in the best way possible resources that are always scarce. Every waste today is a wrong that we do to the next generations, a subtraction of their rights ».

WE WILL GO OUT “When we get out, and get out of the pandemic, what world will we find? Some think that the tragedy in which we lived for more than twelve months was similar to a long power failure: sooner or later the light returns and everything starts again as before. Science but just common sense suggests that this may not be the case. “

VISION “In recent years, our attempts to reform the country have not been entirely absent, but their concrete effects have been limited. Perhaps the problem lies in the way in which we have often designed the reforms, with partial interventions, dictated by the urgency of the moment, without a comprehensive vision, which requires time and competence ».

ZERO «It will not be enough to list projects that are to be completed in the coming years. We will have to say where we want to go in 2026 and what we aim for in 2030 and 2050, the year in which the European Union intends to achieve zero emissions “.

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