Lavoratori Gioco Legale, on 18 February in the streets of Milan and Rome-

The first demonstration of the workers of the legal gaming companies is scheduled on February 18 from 3 to 7 pm in Piazza Duomo in Milan and simultaneously in Piazza del Popolo in Rome. The event aims to raise awareness among institutions and public opinion on the state of difficulty faced by over 150 thousand workers, for a total of approximately 400 thousand people also considering their respective families, affected by the prolonged suspension of activities in the gaming sector. and the uncertainty over the recovery date.

Damages for 5 billion euros

With more than 7 months of closure, for a total of 220 days, Italy continues to hold the European record for closing the sector, causing not only a tax damage of almost 5 billion euros in 2020 alone, but also the return of the plague of illegal gaming, explained by the temporary association of Gioco Lecito companies. In fact, workers claim the dignity of a sector that represents the most effective defense against illegal gaming for the protection of the State and citizens.

5 thousand closed businesses

The data relating to the participation of companies and workers in the sector currently received by the organizational secretariat of Ati Gioco Lecito are above all expectations, also considering the ongoing health emergency: in the face of more than 5 thousand activities closed throughout Northern Italy, over a thousand people are expected in the square also from other regions with buses organized by companies, he explains.

The requests of Fisascat Cisl

The Fisascat Cisl also urged regulatory intervention aimed at reopening the economic activities of the sector. On February 24th, a unitary union coordination of the structures and delegates will take stock of the situation and the initiatives to be undertaken to accompany the gradual reopening of activities. The rules issued by the Government in relation to the total closure of the entire gaming sector will expire shortly, but there still do not seem to be positive determinations for a rapid reopening of the sector, declared the national secretary of Fisascat Cisl Mirco Ceotto stigmatizing the protracted closures throughout the year. 2020 is the approach of the previous Government more of an ethical-moral than health type, not taking into account the various health protocols signed between the parties for the safe reopening of legal gaming activities which provide for the provision of important tools to protect the health of workers and game users.

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