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“The 15 senators who voted no to trust will be expelled.” The chief regent of M5S Crimi writes on Facebook. «Yesterday in the Senate the 5 Star Movement voted yes», he explained, «it didn’t do it lightly, it’s obvious. But it did. It did so consistently, respecting the orientation that emerged following the last consultation, where the majority of our members expressed themselves in favor. And he did it with courage, taking responsibility for a choice that does not look to the exclusive interest of the Movement or to easy consensus, but rather to the interests of all Italian citizens and our national community ». If expelled, the senators called into question have made it known that they are considering taking legal action to defend themselves, inducing them to request compensation for damages. Among these, Elio Lannutti. M5S sources reported to theAdnkronos: “Our statute puts pen to paper that the vote of confidence must be given to a premier who is an expression of the Movement, do you think Draghi is?”. Nicola Morra says “shaken” by the decision to expel him, while Barbara Lezzi reacts by running for the executive committee of the Five Stars. However, someone took it differently, like Mattia Crucioli: «It seems to me a correct and linear decision on the part of the Movement. I expected it, after all our positions are politically different, I would say an abyss and therefore it seems right that our paths separate ».

“The 15 senators are in opposition”

Crimi has meanwhile specified: «The 15 senators who voted did not fail the commitment of the spokesperson of the Movement, who must respect the voting instructions coming from the members. Among other things, the vote on the nascent government is not a vote like any other. It is the vote from which the majority that supports the executive and the opposition take shape. And now the 15 senators who voted no are, in fact, in opposition ». A warning also for those who, tonight, in the Chamber should make a similar choice. For this reason, the head regent of the M5S continued, “they will no longer be able to be part of the parliamentary group of the Movement in the Senate. I therefore invited the group leader to communicate their removal, pursuant to the Group’s Bylaws and regulations. I am aware that someone will not like this decision, but if respect is required for those who think differently, the same respect must be given to those who put aside their personal positions and contribute to the work of a group that has no other goal than to to serve citizens and the country “.

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