“Horrified by the sentence, unfounded accusations. We will respond legally »- Corriere.it

With a press release issued on the night of Thursday 18 February, the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) said it was “horrified” for the contents of the deed of dismissal of the Alex Schwazer case signed by Walter Pelino, judge for the preliminary investigations of Bolzano. Wada “took note with grave concern of the comments made by a magistrate of the court of Bolzano in the decision on the criminal case against the walker Schwazer. The operative part of the sentence is long and complex, and will need to be evaluated in its entirety. Wada is horrified by the numerous reckless and unsubstantiated allegations and will consider every option, including legal action».

Harsh accusations

In the 87 pages of the ordinance, Pelino spares no harsh statements against the Agency, whose consultants (page 3) are accused of “production of false and deceptive documents already closed in an attempt to invalidate the report”. The Wada, writes the magistrate, would then “produced unlikely and probably false explanations on the volumes of urine preserved in Cologne” and wonders if “this ideologically false justification constitutes a mere opacity” or is “aimed at covering the crime previously committed and therefore, it in turn constitutes a crime ». On the concentrations of DNA in the urine, Pelino argues that “it is understandable that Wada and Iaaf (the International Federation of Athletics, ed) in an attempt to save face also deny the scientific evidence”.

Absolute unpublished

Mentioned dozens of times in the act, Wada and Iaaf – writes Pelino at the end of his document – «They operate in a totally self-referential manner and this document has shown how they do not tolerate external controls at all and indeed are ready to do anything to prevent it to the point of producing false statements and engaging in procedural fraud ». Pelino closes the request for archiving by quoting a letter from Cicero to his son Marco: “Of all the kinds of injustice, the most detestable is that of those who, when they deceive more, try to appear more gentlemen.” Archiving Schwazer’s position, the investigating judge of Bolzano asks the prosecutor to investigate Wada, Iaaf and their consultants to verify the existence of crimes of false ideology, procedural fraud, defamation. An absolute novelty in the history of the agency.

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