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Expelling also comes with a price. A big bill, especially for a Movement that over the years has often been entrusted to donations from activists to finance itself. The maxi parliamentary expulsion launched by Vito Crimi will have a considerable impact on the coffers of the Five Stars: about two million euros a year for each year of the legislature. Crimi, in fact, expelled 31 parliamentarians from the Chamber and Senate or – if we also consider the abstentions in Montecitorio – 35 in all. Each parliamentarian has the right to 60 thousand euros per year for communication, a figure that flowed into the coordination of the Movement. With the exodus imposed by Crimi, the Five Stars lose 900 thousand euros in the Senate and from 960 thousand to 1.2 million in the Chamber.

A clean cut that has an impact on expenses for research, studies, personnel: an important lost figure that is already shaking the five-star communication. But to reckon from the beginning of the legislature, the chasm widens enormously. Between farewells and expulsions, the Movement with the latest spills has lost over 80 parliamentarians for a figure that is close to 5.5 million euros in budget less per year.

February 19, 2021 (change February 19, 2021 | 1:00 pm)


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