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“It will be a bloody weekend, politically speaking”. There is no peace in the Movement. The question of expulsions is taking hold. On the one hand, senators and deputies expelled work on a double track: a minority thinks of autonomous groups, while most of the pentastellati are ready to take the matter to court asking for damages to Vito Crimi.

Then there is a third component, that of the rebels remaining in the group that is pondering revenge. And that he has in mind a strategy that will be difficult for the leaders to oppose. In the hours following the tear – tell the well-informed – there was an attempt to slow down times, perhaps to open a mediation, an attempt that was then wrecked following a launchAdnkronos and, above all, to the words of the probivira Raffaella Andreola that a LaCnews24 he talked about suspending expulsions. Words that have irritated all the leaders, starting from Crimi to the arbitrators to the big names. Here then is the acceleration for a comparison.

And the change of course of the surviving rebels. “If you want carnage, what carnage it is,” says one of them. And it clarifies what they are aiming for. “If the arbitrators are to meet, then let them deal with all the open situations on the date of the expulsions.” In other words, the Pulp Fiction-style Movement prepares to cut off other heads. And to target those who have not reported for a long time. About ten names at risk of expulsion (those with delays of more than ten months): among them Giorgio Trizzino, Sergio Puglia, Emanuele Dessì.

Now that the government numbers are solid, the internal cleaver can strike more easily. Not only are there deputies at risk of suspension such as Sergio Battelli and Marta Grande. But the real distinction could be the opening of a provision in this phase of nominations to the collegiate body. Among those who risk is Paola Taverna (for the question of the compensation for office received), Dino Giarrusso (for the question of funding in the election campaign) and some former ministers who are late with payments. A few months late, only three, but enough in the past in other cases to trigger a warning. There are those who swear: “Everything will be resolved quickly and everyone can run”. Now we will have to wait for the decision of the arbitrators expected for the weekend. From reconstructions in the college a line of great firmness emerged without distinction between the two factions in the field, like a super partes organ.

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