Banks, 10,480 new hires coming. Almost half from Stem degrees (that’s what they are)

3500 hires for Intesa San Paolo

The credit institutions renew their team by hiring both young graduates and junior profiles as well as experienced figures. The digital revolution, which began even before last year, accelerated in 2020, also due to the pandemic and the inability to move from home. So the banks also had to reorganize quickly. In addition to the generational change following early retirement, planned by various large and medium-sized companies, there is in fact an increasing need for profiles different from the traditional ones, graduates in economics. In fact, engineers, software developers, computer scientists and physicists are increasingly in demand. The bank’s operations are moving more and more online, a large percentage of employees who worked at the headquarters approached smart working. Reasons for which increased the need to develop computer programs that pay attention to cyber security, that facilitate and secure remote work, that simplify and speed up banking operations on the network.

To encourage the entry of new professionals, banks have planned substantial hiring campaigns. Starting with Intesa San Paolo which plans to make 3,500 hires, a plan aimed at generational turnover and the enhancement of the people of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group resulting from the acquisition of UBI Banca, with which at least 5,000 people are given the opportunity to request voluntary exit for retirement or Solidarity Fund.

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