Great works, the commissioners in pectore waiting for Mario Draghi-

Finally the commissioners have arrived. In the midst of yet another institutional crisis with the resigning government. With the former premier Giuseppe Conte who on 21 January, after consulting the Ministry of Infrastructure, made their names public trying to undo the criticisms of Italia Viva. Almost all of them belong to the two large public contracting stations: Rfi and Anas, both of the Ferrovie dello Stato group. Most of them are engineers, but with little capacity for consensus and this can be an own goal in the long run. On some appointments we register more than a few doubts. The decision on the architect Roberto Ferrazza, under investigation for the collapse of the Morandi bridge, was foiled at the last, some commissioners are being investigated for objective responsibility for some rail and road accidents. Far from being forcaioli, because no one can be found guilty without a final judgment, perhaps other profiles could have been chosen for reasons of opportunity, but Palazzo Chigi evidently believed that they will emerge unscathed.

In the list there are 14 works “relating to road infrastructures, sixteen to railway infrastructures, one relating to rapid mass transport, twelve to water infrastructures, three to port infrastructures and twelve to infrastructures for public safety facilities ”. We are talking, among others, of the Jonica state road (value 3 billion), the enhancement of the Salaria (1 billion), the Grosseto-Fano (1.9 billion), the high speed Brescia-Verona-Padua (8.6 billion) , the strengthening of the Fortezza-Verona line (4.9 billion), the Venice-Trieste line (1.8 billion), the doubling of the Genoa-Ventimiglia line (1.54 billion), the development of the Orte-Falconara line (3, 7 billion), the doubling of Pontremolese (2.3 billion), high speed Naples-Bari (5.88 billion), the high speed Palermo-Catania-Messina (8.7 billion), the underground line C of Rome (5 , 8 billion), the completion of the Maccheronis dam in the Nuoro area (6.5 billion), the breakwater of Genoa (700 million). Well, while waiting for a new government to be formed, the Environment and Transport commissions of the Chamber and Public Works of the Senate will formulate their opinion within a few days before the Prime Minister’s decree which should give the definitive start. At this point it will be Mario Draghi who may want to start over by choosing other commissioners instead of those currently in pectore.

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