“Giorgia Meloni? A sow … »Bipartisan storm over the historic Gozzini

“Cow and sow” to describe the leader of Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni. The words were spoken on Friday morning by Giovanni Gozzini, professor of political science at the University of Siena, during the broadcast of Controller “Good good bad bad”. The Florentine deputy of FdI Giovanni Donzelli was the first to ask that the university suspend it and that the broadcaster apologize. Solleciti to which many exponents of the center-right joined yesterday, from Raffaele Fitto (FdI) to Anna Maria Bernini (Forza Italia), passing through the group leader of the Melonians in the Regional Council Francesco Torselli, who recalls: “This character was invited to the session solemn ceremony of the Regional Council on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance last January 27, an occasion in which he received great praise and compliments from Giani ». Meloni, however, defended herself: “As a woman and a politician, I am tired of having to suffer this type of defamatory and obscene attacks”, adding then: “The rector of the University of Siena and the Minister of University and Research have not nothing to say? And the Democratic Party, who appointed him councilor? ». The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella called Meloni: «I thank the President, who phoned me to personally express his solidarity».

Called into question, the rector Francesco Frati expressed “a strong condemnation of the disrespectful words and offenses expressed by Professor Gozzini”. Regarding the measures against the teacher that are requested by several voices, the rector states that “there are competent bodies that will evaluate the decisions to be taken”. The story leaves no room for interpretation: Gozzini had attacked Meloni from the beginning of the live broadcast, saying that he could not explain himself “how is it possible that this gardener, this fish farmer, who has never clearly read a book in his life, can contact as an equal to someone like Mario Draghi ». Gozzini was also condemned by the Minister for Regional Affairs Maria Stella Gelmini (Fi), who said she was in solidarity with Meloni. But also Pd exponents such as the secretariat of the Tuscan party Simona Bonafè (“serious words those of Gozzini”) and the Emilian governor Stefano Bonaccini express solidarity with Meloni.

Yesterday evening an apology came from the radio which “distances itself” from what has happened. And finally those of Professor Gozzini: “For having used the wrong words, I offer my apologies to everyone, Giorgia Meloni first and to all the people who haventite offenses “.

21 February 2021 | 9:00 am


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