Insults to Giorgia Meloni, comrade Andrea Giambruno defends her on TV-

Live tv, a Giorgia Meloni also arrives, perhaps unexpectedly, the defense of the partner and father of his daughter, Andrea Giambruno. At TgCom24, reading the press review, the journalist focuses on an article that refers to the insults directed by Professor Giovanni Gozzini to the leader of the Brothers of Italy and intervenes, perhaps a little protocol but with sincere protective instinct, to go to the counterattack: “For those who do not know, are the companion of Giorgia Meloni, the mother of my daughter. I am very proud of what he has done in his life. I do not allow myself to comment on the professor’s words because there are other places where they will be commented and sentenced in other terms. Let me just say that there are minors who read certain crap. I will explain to my daughter how brave she is and how deserving of what she has done in her life. ‘ And then the lunge: “I hope, Professor, assuming you have children, that your children can say the same about your misogynistic, unworthy and shameful comments.”

The call from Mario Draghi

The video of the intervention of Meloni’s companion was posted on Twitter by Daniela Santanchè who commented: «At the side of a great woman there is always a great man. Love always wins over the hatred of certain hominins, good Andrea ».

The president of the Brothers of Italy, who on Saturday received a solidarity call from the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, was also called by the Prime Minister Mario Draghi who expressed his closeness to her for the attack received.

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