it will employ a thousand employees –

A gigafactory to build a large production plant for photovoltaic cells and modules in the 3 Sun module area of ​​the Industrial Zone of Catania. Investment of 500 million euros which – when fully operational – will employ a thousand employees in the eastern area of ​​Sicily. The project was presented in recent days by Enel representatives to the mayor of Catania, Salvo Pogliese, and to the technical managers of the Municipality.

Development phase: start of production in 2022

The objective of the project, which Enel is developing and which will be implemented with a major industrial partner, is to increase the current production up to 3 GW / year of photovoltaic panels to achieve significant benefits in competitiveness and will require 500 million euros of investments, aimed at starting production in the second half of 2022, as explained by the head of 3 Sun, Antonello Irace. Approximately 800 / 1,000 direct jobs are planned (ie employed within the gigafactory) and the same number in the related industries.

Renewable energy

The Enel Green Power project for the construction of a Gigafactory in Catania in the photovoltaic sector is a great lever for relaunching our economy – declared the president of Confindustria Catania Antonello Biriaco – An investment of 500 million euros that will allow full employment of 1000 employees, with a multiplier effect of great impact on the entire production fabric. Research, innovation and sustainability are the pillars of this new investment that can give a turning point to the energy transition processes and project Catania and Sicily in the international scenario of renewable energies which will play an increasingly strategic role in economic growth, also in light of the environmental sustainability criteria set by the Recovery Fund.

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