Lautaro (brace) and Lukaku give Conte the extension at the top of the standings –

With a couple like this it’s easier. Lautaro Martinez e Lukaku, magnificent twins of the goal, stretch Milan and allow Inter to try to escape and reach out to the Scudetto. The derby is a sentence. Inter wins him over with a brace from Toro and the fifth goal in five games with the Rossoneri of the Lukaku totem pole. The Contiani score immediately, after less than five minutes, with Lautaro’s header served by Lukaku and close the accounts on the counterattack in the first part of the second half: Lautaro doubles, after a penetration by Hakimi, the play of Eriksen and the ‘assist from Perisic, while Lukaku, who previously had wasted two goals, signs the final 3-0 with a relentless left, a stone that gives Donnarumma no escape.

Inter stretch in the best moment of Milan, in doll in the first half hour and generous at the beginning of the recovery. But Handanovic, with three great saves in the first three minutes, two on Ibra’s header and one with an open hand on Tonali, he keeps the Nerazzurri on their feet and thwarts the draw. With Milan launched on the attack, Inter hits on the counterattack. So he wins the fourth game in a row with merit and runs away: plus 4 on the Devil, even more 11 on Juve, the queen of the last 9 league titles, who, however, has two fewer games (Crotone tomorrow night and the one with Napoli) and is still the most feared rival.

Inter, as against Lazio, confirms its qualities: strong identity and solidity. The twins are relentless, 30 goals in two and Lukaku, awaiting the response from Cristiano Ronaldo, is the king of goals with 17 goals. But everything works. The defense, a passive goal in the last six games, is impenetrable. And Conte, whose merits are evident, has recovered to the cause Eriksen in the middle of the field and Perisic in the full range on the lane opposite to Hakimi.

Milan loses certainties. Two straight league defeats, three straight games without a win, including the trip to Belgrade. It is a moment of great difficulty for the Pioli gang. The defense misses against the pair of wonders. There is also no support for Ibra. The absence of Bennacer in directing is felt and Calhanoglu, after Covid, is a shadow of himself. The surrender a quarter of an hour before the end, when Pioli calls Ibra, the last to surrender, the most dangerous of his since he remains in the field. But the spell seems to have broken. In 2021 the Rossoneri have already lost four in eight games. Pioli now has to worry about rediscovering the ancient magic, hitting the Champions League goal and qualifying on Thursday night for the round of 16 of the Europa League.

Conte, on the other hand, aims straight for the Scudetto. The road is clear and there are not even the cups to complicate the sprint. Derby number 174 resembles that of the turning point. The Nerazzurri celebrate him with an ultra chorus: “whoever doesn’t jump Rossonero is …”.

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