Milan 0-3 Inter, Lukaku takes revenge on Ibrahimovic: “I’m the best” –

The goal festival wins it Romelu Lukaku. Zlatan Ibrahimovic he will console himself with the Sanremo cachet. After the derby-brawl in the Italian Cup, the revenge of the Belgian center forward. Big Rom takes the stage, the Swede stays with the microphone off.

Lots of dirty looks, no clarification, the dreaded second round is not there. The scores are settled in the field, Ibra is defeated. As Antonio Conte asked, Lukaku makes Inter sing, the route to the Scudetto, enters the history of Milan by scoring the fifth consecutive goal in five derbies: a record. Never has anyone like him, because before they had stopped the Inter player with 4 goals in a row Benito Lorenzi in 1950 and the AC Milan player Romeo Benetti in 1973. Other times.

The close fight in the Italian Cup

Before leaving exhausted and with cramps, Ibrahimovic he has time to see Lukaku’s ride that strikes Donnarumma, scores the 3-0 goal and buryes Milan. The knockout blow uncorks the celebrations, drives the Devil and Ibra back to hell, sends etiquette to be blessed. I’m the fucking best. I, I, I told you c…. In the emptiness of San Siro the loud voice of the Belgian resounds as he points his finger to his chest several times, pointing to himself. I am the best. Me, me, Lukaku yells. He shouts it in the air, not addressed directly to Ibra, but the implicit message for him. A liberation, the answer to the provocations of a month ago on mother Adolphine and on voodoo, brought up in a foolish way. Lukaku goes away in the standings, Ibra defeated and aching enters the changing rooms. After the match, Kessie will talk about the Rossoneri’s bitterness: What did Zlatan tell us? That football is like this, when you lose it hurts but we have to raise our heads.

The planet Ibrahimovic is now far from that of Lukaku, even in the top scorers. The Inter center forward crumbles historical records and rises to the throne of today’s strikers: 17 goals, one more than his majesty Cristiano Ronaldo, now forced to chase and respond so as not to be ousted too. The Rossonero is chasing both of them, nailed at 14.

Little donkey had been Ibrahimovic’s epithet to Lukaku in the previous derby. The donkey flies very high and light towards the Scudetto, while the header of Zlatan, in the 250th presence in A, slammed twice against the Handanovic wall. A black and blue conspiracy.

Before the match there was no sign of peace, nor a handshake, in compliance with the anti-Covid protocol. But Il Dio di Milano, as Ibra had provocatively defined himself on social media by replying to an old post by Lukaku (King of Milan), had to bow. Who the emperor of Milan ?, asked the Belgian national team on Twitter with a lot of photos of Lukaku in support. Today there are no doubts.

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