“The Cts gives clearer indications, enough with the decisions taken at the last minute” – Corriere.it

ROMA —President Bonaccini, who is to blame if Italy has few doses of the vaccine?
“The supplies depend on the manufacturing companies, the contracts have been signed by the European Commission for all the Member States. I trust in the strength of the EU and in the international authority of President Draghi, to stop the cuts and the incoming doses to multiply. We need a decisive change of pace ».

How soon will it be possible to produce vaccines in Italy?
«We have high quality chemical-pharmaceutical and mechanical engineering districts. I agree with Prodi when he proposes that the companies that own the rights to the vaccines make them available to anyone who is able to produce them effectively. Research has been able to count on huge public funds everywhere, it is time to give back to the community. Vaccines must be a public good ».

Arcuri “must be fired”, as Salvini asks?
“These are choices that do not compete with me, we discussed with Arcuri but collaborated positively”.

With the new Dpcm it is necessary to change the color system and tighten the rules, even up to a new lockdown?
“People are exhausted. The continuous entering and exiting colored areas, without being able to bend the curve in a structural way, does not help. There are businesses that don’t know what will happen the next day, others that have been closed for too many months. We need to change the scheme. We ask the government for a comparison on the review of parameters and measures, to give greater certainty to citizens and businesses and to make the action to combat the virus more effective “.

Are you still thinking of an orange zone for all of Italy?
“Someone interpreted my proposal as extending the orange zone to the whole country. This is not the case, we must avoid that after the year of unity and solidarity, the year of social anger and frustration follows. We ask the CTS for clearer indications and the government to reconsider the implementation of the measures ».

Until when will the stop on travel, which expires on February 25, be extended?
«We will evaluate together with the government, hearing the opinion of ISS and CTS. The pandemic is not over and we need attention ».

On the ski Draghi moved in harmony with Speranza. Will you contest the penalty line? And will you ask to change the CTS?
«Draghi has convened the CDM and seems to be moving towards a single spokesperson for the Technical-Scientific Committee, I believe it is the right way. In any case, we propose a different timing for examining the data, ordinances, dates. It must no longer happen that decisions are made at the last minute ».

Among the presidents of the Regions there are those who push to send students home, as Puglia did. But is it wise to keep restaurants open and schools closed?
“I would avoid juxtaposing primary needs such as education and work, but I would also avoid ideological clashes. We need updated numbers on the impact of the new variants and then we will evaluate how to make the fight against the epidemic compatible with essential activities “.

Now that the dem Boccia is no longer in Regional Affairs, but FI Gelmini, will the balance of the State-Regions Conference shift in favor of the center-right?
«Since I have chaired the Conference of Regions, I have already dealt with four different governments, always or almost always bringing a united position. I collaborated very well with Boccia and thanked him on behalf of all the Regions. A positive confrontation has already started with Gelmini and we immediately said that the institutions must always cooperate and the virus has no political color ».

Your opinion on Mario Draghi’s program?

What do the Regions ask for on the Recovery plan?
“Sharing. The plan must be participated in and open to the country, not defined in a few rooms inside the building. And only by making a system with the territories will you be able to carry out projects for 209 billion euros “.

The alliance between the Democratic Party and the 5 Stars, on which Zingaretti was aiming, seems to have lost its meaning. Are you sure a congress is Martian stuff?
“The Democratic Party has shown responsibility to give strong and credible leadership to the country. After that, we need a bigger party in a wider center-left, one that wins and convinces. But do you know that today in Emilia-Romagna we could have over a million vaccines a month? We make a tenth. Now I think about this, not about the congress of the Democratic Party ».

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