from exile at Bayern to the full-fledged super derby, here’s how Ivan became an indispensable-

Inter first in the standings has several symbols. The goal duo Lukaku-Lautaro, Barella midfielder of the next generation, Bastoni defender of the future. Lots of Nerazzurri giant pictures. One player more than others tells of the transformation and evolution of Inter: Ivan Perisic.The Croatian is a vivid example of change, both in character and in technique. Two summers ago, when Conte landed at the helm of Inter he was categorical: Perisic cannot play a full-fledged winger. It was July 2019. The player had closed the year before the World Cup in Russia with the silver medal and in the last season of Spalletti, in the role of upper left winger, he had almost always played as a starter (34 out of 38 games), scoring 8 goals. In spite of the numbers, not an exciting season, marked by continuous ups and downs. Defensive tasks equal to zero, as Spalletti used the back four.

Conte’s arrival brought about a change, the club pushed to clean up the squad and the coach did not consider the Croatian to be functional. Thus was born the loan to Bayern Munich. The return to Germany was difficult at the beginning, then lived for a long time without a starting shirt and ended triumphantly with a remnant of the Champions League final and the German treble on the bulletin board. Bayern decides not to redeem him for the high salary: 4.5 million net is too much for a reserve. Conte starts working on it. The corporate crisis and the zero market do the rest. The lack of purchases forces the coach to make a virtue of necessity, to reopen old boxes and take out the discarded clothes.

It took Perisic a little longer to adapt, to get into the part. Inter have also rediscovered him for Young’s dramatic decline. Today comparisons are wasted with the Eto’o of Mourinhian memory, that they are certainly valid for the self-denial and the spirit of adaptation with which the Croatian covers the new role. His explosion gave Inter an extra wing. This is confirmed by a fact: the Hakimi-Barella chain played 113 balls in the derby, less than the pair Perisic-Eriksen, who reached 120. The Croatian, like Hakimi, covers a portion of 70-80 meters of the field, now the last step to score regularly: Hakimi has already made 6, he at 2. Conte’s Inter is not a laboratory, rather an arsenal that today has two more weapons: Perisic and Eriksen. They may be determined to return to winning the championship.

February 22, 2021 (change February 22, 2021 | 11:30 pm)


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