From funds to incoming BTPs: how to invest (and earn) on a social or green project

Government agendas and numbers

The green wave does not stop. at the center of the political agenda of the world’s major economies, never as now engaged in a shared effort to fight climate change, the cornerstone of post-pandemic reconstruction. It also applies to Italy led by Mario Draghi. Attention to the environment, moreover, is reflected in an increasingly widespread popular sensitivity, which influences consumer choices. It finds new life in a new set of rules, coming from Europe. And it also calls on investors to do their part: time to rethink portfolios in a green key. It is no coincidence that in Europe, calculates Morningstar, sustainable funds raised 233 billion euros in 2020, bringing the invested assets to over 1,100 billion, distributed on over 3,000 products, of which 505 launched in the last 12 months. Assets managed according to environmental and social criteria rose by 52% in one year, against a growth of 3% for the European funds industry.

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