G20 of women, the necessary change of pace for an equitable recovery Corriere.it

Not just inclusion but empowerment. The G20 of women, chaired by Linda Laura Sabbadini, renowned statistician, central director of Istat, started with this slogan and the ambitious project to dictate for the first time a real roadmap to be presented to governments so that they invest in the achievement of some concrete objectives of gender equality. The delegations of the 20 countries began to discuss the issues identified by the Italian government: People, Planet and Prosperity. In a world characterized by a global crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, the goal is to pursue an equitable recovery, based on the enhancement of female resources in the economy and society, essential for a more sustainable growth on the planet.

The occupation

Sabbadini began, exhorting the participants to exchange ideas and launching some on the hottest topics. Among these there is work, on which the researcher has conducted numerous insights: Often the indicators that are used to divide the allocations for social and labor policies in the various countries are based only on unemployment, but an error that ends up penalizing women. This is because the “gray band” between unemployment and the choice not to work among women is very large, mostly. So in some phases, even though unemployment decreases, employment does not grow, or does not grow enough, and, on the contrary, inactivity increases.

The proposal is to use the employment rate or a particular combination of unemployment and inactivity as an indicator. Among the other issues that will be at the center of the debate, that of social services which would serve to unload the burden of unpaid domestic work that today falls on women. And again we will talk about gender stereotypes and how these pass through the media and can condition our future also through artificial intelligence algorithms. A focus will be dedicated to female entrepreneurship of the future, the one that will have to develop along the lines indicated by the new EU strategy, first of all that of sustainability. Above all other issues – said Sabbadini – we put that of violence against women, a problem that the pandemic has exacerbated in all countries. The Minister of Family and Equal Opportunities, Elena Bonetti, brought the greetings of the Italian government to the G20 delegations, gathered online. The hope that the conclusions of this meeting, published in a final document that will be published in July, can be delivered in Rome, at the international summit of leaders that should be held at the end of October.

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