After Inter, the Zhang family puts the Chinese club of Jiangsu up for sale

Suning intends to divest the Jiangsu, the Chinese club owned by the Nanjing group which also holds the majority of Inter. According to reports from the Chinese platform Titan Sport, Jindong Zhang intends to sell the Jiangsu that became champion of China in the last championship. The will of the Zhang family is to sell the whole club, or a large share, at a rather low price.

Chinese football is going through a period of strong downsizing after the new and more restrictive rules imposed by the local football federation. In the sports sector there is a strong disengagement of capital by all industries and this at the behest of the Beijing government. Suning, which also includes Pptv the platform that broadcasts the matches of foreign championships in China and which lately has seen the signal obscured first by the English Premier League and then by Serie A, follows the lines decided by the government. For months, the Zhang family has also been negotiating the sale of Inter, or a minority part of the club, with various funds.

February 23, 2021 (change February 23, 2021 | 11:24)


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