but the majority is still divided on the Bonafede- Corriere.it reform

The Bonafede reform, which freezes the statute of limitations after the first degree of judgment, returns to reap consensus among those who do not want it. And Brothers of Italy, for the second time in two days, brings out the divisions in the majority on the issue of justice.

After the rejection, on Monday, of the amendment signed by Delmastro Delle Vedove, who asked to block the reform, yesterday also rejected the agenda, of the same deputy of FdI, who called for a commitment of the government to take every necessary initiative in order to overcome, as soon as possible, the reform of the prescription. Forza Italia, Italia viva and Lega abstained. Action did not participate in the vote and the Democratic Party, to prevent the agenda from being approved, voted in favor of the adverse reform, together with the M5S.
The Draghi government seems more and more a continuation of the Conte bis, even in its most critical aspects including that of transforming citizens into subjects subjected to life trials, remarked the Melonian Delmastro, pushing the majority to defense.

We abstain as an act of trust towards Minister Cartabia and a strong discontinuity with respect to the recent period of legal obscurantism and manettaro, explains the forerunner Pierantonio Zanettin. And Enrico Costa, of Action, admits: From FdI comes a solicitation towards a direction we had taken. But respecting the new minister we found a synthesis.

A summary that, as for the blocking of evictions, was found with a postponement to a later date. This was obtained by the Minister of Justice, Marta Cartabia, thanks to a reference to the constitutional principles and reference values ​​of the European Union. They already call it the Cartabia method. Applied to justice, it is condensed into an agenda, approved yesterday, which commits the government to adopt the necessary regulatory changes and organizational measures aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of criminal justice, in order to ensure the of the State to ascertain criminal facts and responsibilities within a reasonable time (Article 111 of the Constitution), ensuring an average length of the criminal proceedings in line with the European one, in full compliance with the Charter, the principles of due process, the fundamental rights of the person and re-educational function of the sentence.

The Five Stars who, with Mario Perantoni, claim: It seems clear to me that the political climate has changed on the subject of the reform of the criminal trial. Someone does not seem to want to take note and continue to make crusades. While the dem Alfredo Bazoli points out that the agenda finally allows to lay down the weapons of the controversy, and to focus on the merits of the problems.

But the differences arise precisely on the merits. Even among the technicians. According to the president of the Union of Criminal Chambers, Giandomenico Caiazza, the solution is the rewriting of the proxy law. For Bazoli, on the other hand, starting from scratch would entail a further significant time extension. While, he argues, the Bonafede dl will be an opportunity to measure ourselves on a system reform that addresses the issue in a coherent way, overcoming the forcing and contradictions of the prescription reform approved by M5S and Lega.

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