Dead Gresini, the message of his son Lorenzo: “I love you immensely” –

A photo of dad, smiling. And a message, accompanied by a heart: «Bà! I love you immensely”. So on Facebook Lorenzo, one of Fausto Gresini’s sons, confirms the disappearance of his father, after two months of fighting against Covid.

Fausto Gresini with his son Lorenzo
Fausto Gresini with his son Lorenzo

It was Lorenzo himself, when on Monday evening the news of his father’s disappearance spread, to deny it, again on social media, with a photo of the two of them, together, a few years ago. Now instead confirm it. On Facebook, Gresini’s son explains: “Our champion left us forever today at 10.02, he fought to the end, he was born to win and he was winning again, he was getting better, when a cerebral hemorrhage tore him away “. And again, in the post accompanied by many photos of his smiling father, between family moments and professional successes, Lorenzo writes: «Ciao Bà! So I called you and I will call you forever, leave an unbridgeable void and you will live forever inside all the people who love you. We love you immensely, we carry you and we will carry you in our hearts every day ».

Lorenzo is one of the four children born from the union of the former pilot and manager with Nadia Padovani, his life partner for over twenty years. Gresini, in addition to him and his wife, also leaves his other three children: Luca, Alice and Agnese.

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