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Too many infections, too many deaths. With the English variant that in mid-March will be predominant throughout Italy, Mario Draghi chooses to continue on the line of utmost caution. No reopening, not yet. The scientists who went up to Palazzo Chigi brought data and tables that were not at all encouraging and the Prime Minister, who is not deaf to the political pressures of those who invoke the relaxation of the bans, intends to move on the basis of the numbers and the curve of the virus.

The Covid emergency dossier is the one that most engages him in these hours, in terms of merit and method. On March 5, the Dpcm signed by Giuseppe Conte expires and the former president of the ECB is to work on the new provision, which will keep the division into colored zones, but will introduce corrective to narrow or widen depending on the zones. Draghi would have wanted a decree, to mark the discontinuity and above all to leave more space for Parliament. But times are tight, the president wants the Italians to be informed in advance and so this time he could surrender to the instrument of the Dpcm. “Citizens are not subjects – warned Draghi, determined to sign by the weekend -. Decisions cannot be made from above at the last minute, people must have time to inform themselves and organize themselves ». Words that Franceschini and Speranza have re-launched closely. In short, Draghi accelerates, but wants the Chambers to have time to express themselves. And so today the Minister of Health will be at Palazzo Madama and then at Montecitorio to explain the scenario in which the government’s decisions are maturing. “The variant produces increasing difficulties – the minister will say in essence – There is an element of widespread resurgence, the scientists are asking us to close”.

Leaving Palazzo Chigi after the summit with the ministers Speranza, Franco, Patuanelli, Giorgetti, Franceschini, Gelmini and Bonetti, the coordinator of the Cts Miozzo tried to reassure: “We have not described an imminent catastrophe situation.” But Locatelli and Brusaferro did not hide how much the scientists of the committee are “afraid of the worsening of the situation in intensive care.” In this once again dramatic framework, with the third wave that has fully taken Brescia and beyond, Speranza invites us to move “in the wake of the European line, which is certainly not reopening everything”. The minister repeated this at the top of the political control room with Draghi, to whom the party representatives arrived with even opposite positions, divided between rigorists and aperturists. A rift that triggered some moments of tension.

On the one hand, the center-right, which called for “great attention to the economy” and saw the link between the League’s Minister of Development Giancarlo Giorgetti and Mariastella Gelmini, the head of the regional affairs force. On the other Speranza and Dario Franceschini, who would like to turn on the lights of cinemas and theaters as soon as possible because “the risks are where you don’t wear a mask”, but he is against reopening restaurants in the evening as Matteo Salvini asks. They say that the Northern League leader’s campaign accents have also displaced his deputy Giorgetti. Mario Draghi, who asks the parties for sobriety and balance, yesterday closed half an hour at Palazzo Chigi with the leader of the League and, face to face, suggested caution and invited him to tone down. The moral suasion worked, because Salvini changed register and the premier seems to have appreciated. Draghi also spoke about Covid and vaccines in the videocall with the European leaders Von der Leyen, Merkel, Michel, Costa and Mitsotakis, to coordinate in view of the EU Council on Thursday and Friday. “Nobody saves himself alone,” was the message of the Italian premier.

February 24, 2021 (change February 24, 2021 | 00:01)


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