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Very serious but alive. In spite of the news spread in the late evening Fausto Gresini sstill struggling in the Bologna hospital against the virus that has kept him between life and death for several days. The conditions had worsened to the point of spreading the wrong news of his premature death. The first to deny was his son Lorenzo, rather angry about the news picked up by newspapers and televisions: I want to thank the press who were so tactful in communicating and divulging unverified news. My big dad is very sick but his day will not be today. The press release from the Gresini team immediately ratified the correct information: Fausto is still with us even if in extremely critical conditions.

In hospital since December 27th

The former driver and team manager hospitalized since December 27 at the Maggiore hospital in Bologna due to Coronavirus. In recent days the conditions had worsened further due to a complication in the lungs that required sedation and forced ventilation. Families and friends are deeply concerned about Fausto Gresini’s health, but the physique strongly tested by the disease continues to fight against Covid ..

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