M5S, the 12 deputies expelled found the new group: “There is an alternative” – ​​Corriere.it

The new “Alternative there is” component made up of the so-called dissidents of the M5s was formed in the Chamber. The new group is now 12 deputies but more should be added in the next few hours.

The deputies who become part of the new component of the Mixed are Massimo Baroni, Pino Goats, Andrea Colletti, Manuela Rope, Paolo Giuliodori, Alvise Manner, Maria Laura Paxia, Francesco Sapia, Arianna Spessotto, Rosa Alba Will, Emanuele Home, Andrea Vallascas to which Paul should be added shortly Romano. The request should be communicated by the deputies at the end of the examination of the Milleproroghe.

February 23, 2021 (change February 23, 2021 | 16:39)


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