Musacchio and Patric overwhelmed; Kimmich dominates, Musiala the chosen one –

He never manages to stem Coman and, when he pushes, everything is wrong. The third goal comes from his mistake, in the action of 4-0 San overwhelms him.

4,5 Acerbi
The duel with Lewandowski physically, when the little ones arrive, shipwrecked. The own goal is the signal of surrender.

4 Musacchio
The mistake at the start – unforgivable – makes it impossible for Lazio to play a match that was already almost so. Inzaghi takes it off after half an hour.

the only Lazio player who creates apprehension in his opponents.

He asks for the penalty that could lead Lazio to 1-1. It was a challenge to consecrate oneself at a high level: failed.

It evaporates immediately, impalpable.

5,5Luis Alberto
He feels that the opportunity he has been waiting for years is vanishing in his hands. however, his assisted Correa.

Left-handed winger, left and then right defender: he plays many roles, perhaps too many.

The flash of the goal, then a conclusion that Neuer replies.

In Germany they remembered it like this: inconclusive.

Handles the leg, which is not the one it used to be.

Log in with a decided result, he doesn’t get one right.

5,5 Escalante
More concrete than Leiva.

The overwhelming technical difference, at times embarrassing.

Bavaria Monaco

These are the report cards of the world champions:
A couple of replies, without risk.

a marcantonio of almost two meters moved from the center of the defense. Embarrassed? Macch: it seems to us born, there on the band.

He is mocked by Milinkovic-Savic just inside the area, intervenes clumsily: the referee does not blow the penalty.

He has no hesitation.

Lazzari manages to insert it at least three times.

All his authority for German rule in the middle of the field.

7,5 Kimmich
He runs, presses, above all plays: the absolute master of the game.

7 San
It starts wide, it centers, it invades the area. And right on a cut in the middle is the 3-0 ball on the foot. Get Acerbi’s own goal.

7 She had to
His first goal – of a predictably long series – in the Champions League comes with a sweet and precise shot. Friday will come of age, a predestined one.

When he bets Patric, it hurts terrible. San’s goal was largely his: he recovers the ball, seats Acerbi, shoots on Reina (and on the rebound comes the net).

Take advantage of Musacchio’s inattention with the ruthlessness of a scoring animal: 32 in 31 games, a monster.

6J. Martinez
Handles the benefit.

One point in two Bundesliga games, many stars out, but Bayern are not wrong in the Champions League.

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