“Neither with the sovereignists, nor with the justicialist left”. The appeal of the centrista- Corriere.it area

“Neither with the sovereignists, nor with a maximalist and justicialist left”. To write it in an appeal, about thirty promoters to support a reformist force alternative to populists and the current center-left. The signatories include the former Milan city councilor Ada Lucia De Cesaris, the journalist Oscar Giannino, the political scientist Sofia Ventura, the manager Sergio Scalpelli, the former deputy Lorenzo Dellai. “Resisting, standing out is no longer enough”, they underline. Assuming that the advent of the Draghi government favors the recomposition of a front capable of a wide-ranging project in view of the Recovery plan, after a decade of economic and pandemic crises, the conviction of the group of centrists is that the country needs gathering the best energies that are far from direct engagement today: in the world of work, society, reformist environmentalism and business. Far from the propaganda of the center-right as well as from the ideological discussion of the center-left on the “presumed inevitability of a new unity on the left based on the organic relationship with the M5S”.

“The question is there”

Not even the Democratic Party, they argue, has been able not to cut off liberal socialist reformism from the vital worlds of democratic Catholicism. “The question is there”, is the thesis, “but the voters who do not take refuge bewildered in abstention are currently divided between different political forces: Action, Italy alive, + Europe, and in part the Democratic Party and Forza Italia “. All are candidates to cover the reformist, pro-European, liberal, socialist, popular and democratic area. Just as, outside the parties, there are many realities that operate with the same objectives, gathering those who do not find answers in the parties. Among these, the signatories recall: Base Italia, Voce Libera, Libertàeguale, Insieme, the Circoli dell’Avanti, Demos, Volt, Alleanza Civica, Ali, Liberioltre. «A united effort is necessary, indeed urgent», is the message in the end, «and it is up to true leaders to become promoters of a qualitative leap. True leadership emerges when it exists ».

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