now also the insurer and the manager of nurses –

There are others two new suspects for the death of Diego Armando Maradona, which took place in his home in Tigre, Argentina, on 25 November last. In total, now seven people have ended up in the crosshairs of justice. According to what the Argentine media reported, citing sources inside the San Isidro judiciary, the names of Nancy Forlini, director of the insurance company which guaranteed medical coverage to the Pibe de Oro, and Mariano Perroni, an employee of the company that provided health personnel on duty in the apartment where the former Napoli champion died.

Goodbye Diego

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From what was reconstructed by the investigators, Forlini and Perroni were responsible for coordinating medical and health personnel present in Maradona’s home and are the two people who pushed the nurse Dahiana Madrid to declare the false in the first interrogation, claiming that she could not control Maradona’s vital parameters due to his constant refusals. Then, instead, to turn around and admit that she didn’t come to check on Diego on the morning of November 25th.

Luque and the investigation into Diego’s death

The other suspects at the moment are the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, the psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov, the psychologist Carlos Diaz, the nurse Ricardo Almiron and Dahiana Madrid. Of these, Diaz is one of the specialists who has had the opportunity to visit Diego on several occasions in the last two months of life. The prosecutors believe that Diaz is a relevant figure in the investigation: due to the role he held, he was aware of the type of medical treatment to which Maradona was subjected and it was he who prescribed a drug-based therapy that could not ignore complicated clinical picture of the Pibe de Oro.

Finally, important news could arrive by mid-March from the report on cell phones of Maradona, which began on Friday 19 February. If on the one hand, therefore, the investigation of the judiciary does not stop to shed light on the darker sides of this affair, on the other hand the investigation continues to reconstruct Diego’s real heritage.

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