Prescription, the Bonafede reform (for now) remains. But the majority do not vote together –

The Bonafede reform does not stop, which freezes the prescription after the first degree of judgment. The majority in the House rejected the Brothers of Italy amendment which provided for the stop to the provision until 31 December 2023. It was a surprise move by FdI, to put the majority in check. The stop to the Bonafede reform had in fact been at the center of discussions in the previous government: hoped for by the Democratic Party, Italia viva and Forza Italia, in the name of the reasonable length of the process. But it had been temporarily shelved yesterday so as not to disturb the agreement with the Five Stars. And the ad hoc amendments of Iv, FI and Action had not been put to the vote, after mediation that committed the executive to consider the matter in the context of the reform of the criminal trial.

Cartabia major discontinuit

But, at that point, Andrea Delmastro Delle Vedove, of Giorgia Meloni’s party, presented a similar one calling for the blocking of the prescription reform until 31 December 2023. A text that followed the previous ones, thus able to make contradictions within the majority on justice emerge. And indeed, at the first compactness test, a small crack of distinction divided the governing forces. Pd and M5S voted against. While the Renzians of IV, Lega and Forza Italia abstained. A result claimed by the Renzians, despite having said no to the Bonafede reform a reason for leaving the Conte government. With the appointment of the Cartabia there was an important discontinuity, explains Lucia Annibali. While the dem explain the favorable vote with the fact that if the entire majority abstained, the amendment would be passed.

The attempt to avert it counts

To avoid the count, the Minister for Relations with Parliament, Federico D’Inc, had spent reassuring words, inviting Delmastro to withdraw the amendment. Explaining that the government is working on the reform so that an agreement is reached soon. A request, he clarified, motivated by the need for confrontation already initiated by Minister Cartabia. A no had come from Delmastro: I think it is not just a battle of FdI but of the entire center-right. And also of Italy alive. Before the vote, the request of the group leader FdI Lollobrigida to open a reflection. Rejected. So the vote: 29 in favor of the stop. 227 against and 162 abstentions.

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