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How much is Villa Certosa worth, the splendid property of Silvio Berlusconi in Sardinia, one of the most exclusive private residences in the world? This was established by a technical report: 259,373,950 euros. The document is absolutely reliable because he signs it Francesco Magnano, the former prime minister’s trusted surveyor. The updated assessment as of January 19, 2021.

Michele’s residence

The prankster who introduced himself on February 9 at 7.18 pm in the entry Villa Certosa of Wikipedia, however, is anything but reliable, retouching it quite significantly. We read that one of the summer residences of Michele Alberto Di Grazia, who uses it with a free loan agreement with Immobiliare Idra SpA, owned by Di Grazia himself. There is the price: 500 million. And then the final pearl: In this villa there was a visit from Silvio Berlusconi and Vladimir Putin, great friends of Michele Alberto Di Grazia. There are no traces, of course, of this subject and asking for confirmation from Berlusconi and Putin is not the case.

La Palappa maya

Let’s go back to the authentic documents of the appraisal. The heart of Villa Certosa with its 68 rooms, 181 square meters of garage and another 174 of parking spaces. Then – scrolling through the cards – 4 bungalows of which 2 stacked A / 2 (residential houses), as well as two buildings called Cactus and Ibiscus, the theater, the tower facing the theater, the greenhouse, the gym, the thalassotherapy, 297 square meters of garden medicinal. Isolated one entry in the list: La Palappa. What is it? Not specified but it should be one kind of tropical hut. Palapa is a Spanish term of Mayan origin for a wallless dwelling with a thatched roof made of dried palm leaves. Berlusconi’s has three p and a cadastral income of 361 euros. All immersed in a park of 580,477 square meters (a soccer field about 7 thousand square meters).

Among the most expensive in the world

Even if the market price could be higher than that of the appraisal, assuming that one day Berlusconi intended to sell it, the palace of Porto Rotondo already ranks among the most expensive villas ever. To make a comparison, in 2019 in Cap-Ferrat on the French Riviera, Campari sold for 200 million Villa Les Cdres, which belonged to the king of Belgium and then to the founders of the Grand Marnier brand and for a long time considered the most expensive residence in the world. The buyer, it became known after some time, was the Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov. But the rankings are more of a curiosity because they are unique pieces that escape reliable evaluations. In 2009 there was talk of an offer from the Arab Emirates for Villa Certosa worth 450 million dollars, the following year according to the Spanish press it was almost made with an Iberian entrepreneur for 400 million euros, and then in 2015 it would have been the same Cavaliere to show the beauty of the residence to the son of the king of Arabia: the request was apparently 500 million.

Never anything written, never any confirmation. The only thing that is certain and certified was the surveyor’s expertise who, sponsored by Berlusconi, had also been Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Lombardy Region with Roberto Formigoni as president.

Whose bonds are they?

The valuation of Villa Certosa attached to the papers of a new 2021-2027 bond of 80 million at the rate of 2.7% that Immobiliare Idra, direct owner of the complex, is placing (the subscription deadline is February 28). A second degree mortgage was registered on Villa Certosa because a first degree mortgage had already existed since 2017 to guarantee the first bond issue, also the 80 million one and expiring in 2023. Who subscribed the bonds? It is not known. Perhaps other holding companies in the Berlusconi archipelago & sons. Perhaps, as an advance, the future buyer. However, despite the friendly relations, it is unlikely that Michele Alberto Di Grazia is.

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