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Workshop dedicated to the 104th edition. Bellino: «A success beyond the rosiest forecasts». Major success on TikTok

The Giro d’Italia takes stock of the 104th edition in a workshop with partner companies. «A Giro – explained Paolo Bellino, to RCS Sport – that in the context of the post Covid went beyond the rosiest forecasts, showing the world the best of our country. Defining a success on social media is an understatement: one community of 11 million unique visitors on apps and web and 3.6 million on social networks speaks for itself ». The result of the «Landing» on TikTok, a young and widespread social network: the Giro was the first major event to use it with excellent feedback. Uberto Fornara, CEO of Cairo RCS Media, underlined the global commitment of the group’s newspapers and TV in reporting on the event.

For Manlio Di Stefano, Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, the “Giro was a powerful showcase of made in Italy in the world from a landscape, artistic and gastronomic point of view and an extraordinary opportunity to reflect on the potential of ecological tourism such as cycling ». Four “case studies” presented in the workshop. From Eolo, connectivity provider Internet, which combined the support of the team that won the Zoncolan stage with promotion in its territory, of the Rana product which has found it effective to spread typical regional products following the thread of the path with four new lines of fresh pastaand but also by launching an important charity operation for the Food Bank. And then Toyota with its 50 FullHybrid cars che were thoroughly tested on the ground at the speed of the caravan up to Intimissimi, which embraced the white jersey of the best youngster to spread its products. The Giro 2021 was followed on TV in 200 countries with 768 million global viewers.

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