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The sentimental and non-sentimental adventures of three friends from Naples on a summer vacation in Positano

Vittorio Caprioli, great actor, accomplice husband partner of Franca Valeri, had a short career as a director, seven films, but at least three have left their mark for the courage to tackle gender issues at the time with personal irony, the legendary 60s of Dolce life, still very hidden. Film buffs and Valeri’s many inconsolable widowers cite by heart as one of the first LGBTQ films + Paris or darling, story of a Roman prostitute who goes to Paris to visit her gay brother while Splendors and miseries of Madame Royale in 70 (with a great Tognazzi) he tells of a famous Milanese transvestite, his Pompadour style salons. The film on Friday 6 August Lions in the sun the debut of the director Caprioli, fantastic protagonist of the first cabarets of the Teatro dei gobbi.

a kind of Neapolitan-style Vitelloni in which it relives an era with its protagonists who over time have formed an indestructible clan for ideals, culture, friendship. These are the sentimental and non-sentimental adventures of three friends from Naples on a summer vacation in Positano, a mythical place on the Amalfi coast where Re Zeffirelli reigned in his villa. In the film, Mimi (Philippe Leroy) takes her heart lightly without committing too much to Giuli, a true Milanese who could only be Franca (Valeri); Caprioli the unfortunate Giugi who never succeeds with women; finally the staid Scisci (Francesco Morante) decides to work, like Moraldo at the end of Fellini’s film. life taken with the cynical, young indifference of chance, as it comes, even the bitterness. The basis of it all lies in the beautiful novel by Raffaele La Capria Mortally wounded, Strega ’61 award, screenwriter of the film, co-star in the reality of this intellectual group formed after the war with Rosi, the future president Napolitano, Patroni Griffi, Caprioli. The critic Di Giammatteo said it well: a disenchanted portrait of the southern bourgeoisie.
Lions in the sun by Vittorio Caprioli, 1961, Cine 34, 11.20 pm

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