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«The meeting between the Pd delegation and those of M5S and Leu will take place remotely at 7 pm». It is the official communication that comes from the Democratic Party. Nicola Zingaretti preferred to entrust the position of the Democratic Party to a written note after Sergio Mattarella entrusted Mario Draghi with the task of forming a new government. Better to weigh the words at this stage. And calibrate the tones. Because this was certainly not the epilogue of the crisis hoped for by the dem secretary. But Zingaretti could not and certainly cannot say “no” to the head of state or the former president of the ECB. And therefore he writes: «With the appointment of Mario Draghi a new phase opens that can lead the country out of the uncertainty created by an irresponsible and absurd crisis. We are ready to contribute our ideas to this challenge».

The dem leader to explain the reasons why the Democratic Party will support the former ECB president uses words similar to those pronounced by Draghi himself after receiving the post. With the exception, of course, for the reference to the “irresponsible and absurd crisis”: Zingaretti has not yet forgiven, and who knows if he ever will, Renzi for having sponsored a solution that puts the Democratic Party in difficulty, risking to frustrate its projects. Yes, the dem have so tenaciously defended Giuseppe Conte and fought against the birth of an institutional government because they had focused their entire political strategy on the consolidation of an organic alliance with the 5-star Movement, of which the outgoing premier was the guarantor. The hypothesis of a Draghi government disrupts these plans, just look at the fibrillation and lacerations that the grillini is currently experiencing.

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There is a reason, therefore, if Zingaretti underlines in his note: «We must not lose the strength and potential of an alliance with the Movement. 5 stars and with Leu, based on common proposals on the future of Italy. To address these issues, I will ask for a meeting with the M5S and Leu in the next few hours».

Zingaretti, despite having to play a throw-in in this new game that has opened on the government, however, he tries not to waste the patient work he has done to settle the yellow-red alliance also in view of the political elections that, sooner or later, will come. It is still too early to say that he will succeed.

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