A Trentino changed the South, will a Draghi relaunch it?

twelve o’clock, February 8, 2021 – 09:33 am

The massive southern presence in the newly fallen government did not ensure adequate policies

of Antonio Polito

C’ It was a moment, in the crisis of government, in which Roman politics seemed to be once again ours, Neapolitan, Irpinia, Samnite, Campania, as in the times of the Gava and De Mita. My God, the quality of the political staff was not comparable. But the 24 hours of glory of Mariarosaria Rossi, senator of Piedimonte Matese, the 48 hours of interviews with rival Sandra Lonardo, senator of Ceppaloni, and the 96 hours of proscenium granted to Roberto Fico, deputy from Naples, were a dizziness. Not in a good way. It wasn’t a great show. Indeed, even despite themselves, those protagonists of the crisis were leading us straight towards a disastrous or negative outcome, or towards no outcome, which would have been the worst thing.

I say this to dispel, once more if possible, the myth according to which the more political protagonists come from the South, the better it will be for the South.

This is not true for two reasons: the first is that everything depends on the quality of that political staff, and the South has not always distinguished itself by sending the best, but often the smartest, the most picturesque and sometimes even the greediest, to Parliament. many valuable southerners who act and produce in our lands. For a long time, and to a large extent still, politics has been a kind of profession from which those without a job draw, and the civil society revolution brought to Parliament in 2018 by the success of the Cinquestelle has made things worse from this point of view, instead to improve them.

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The second reason why I make this observation, so to speak, is geopolitical. In fact, there is no relationship between the southern origin of the political decision-makers and the effectiveness of their action for the South. The most important and positive choice ever made by the unitary state for the South, the Cassa per il Mezzogiorno, was made by a politician like Alcide De Gasperi, born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in Pieve Tesino, in the current region of Trentino at the time. called Cisleitania, and who was deputy of the Austrian Chamber for the County of Tyrol. And the man, the technician if we want to say so, who embodied that choice and had prepared it by founding Svimez immediately after the war, was Pasquale Saraceno, born in Morbegno, in the province of Sondrio (even if from a Sicilian father and a mother from Campania ).

For this reason, I did not give much importance to the fact that the newly fallen government, Count II, had such a large southern participation at its birth as it has not been seen for some time: the premier of Volturara Appula, the Lucan Speranza, the Sicilian Provenzano, Gaetano Manfredi from Ottaviano, Lucia Azzolina from Syracuse, Boccia from Puglia, Spadafora da Afragola, Vincenzo Amendola from Naples as well as Sergio Costa, Luigi Di Maio born in Avellino, Bonafede from Mazara del Vallo, Teresa Bellanova from Ceglie Massapica, the Sicilian Catalfo, and for sure I forget someone. The effects of their government on the South and its problems, unfortunately, were SV, without evaluation, as they say in the football report cards of the reserves entered too late to be able to affect the result of the match. We cannot give a southern vote to this government because of the great pandemic that has upset all the plans (including those presented with great fanfare by Conte himself), and has made regions like Lombardy and regions equal in the wrong sense, that is in the drama. like Campania, forcing everyone into an unprecedented economic recession that is still far from over. There have been attempts, especially on the initiative of Minister Provenzano, one who comes from the Svimez school, to introduce ad hoc measures aimed at recovering the South: but we cannot say much about the results.

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Instead, thanks to the massive injection of public investments that the European investment plan could allow us, a season that can be decisive is now opening, as many southerners have pointed out. Like the Cassa per il Mezzogiorno, this Keynesian drive for development could really shortly reduce the gap between the South and the Center-North, which had stopped shortening for about twenty years. And we know that Mario Draghi had a Keynesian school in the figures of professors such as Federico Caff and Franco Modigliani. Above all, as Nicola Saldutti well said yesterday in this newspaper, all his action first as Governor of the Bank of Italy and then as President of the European Central Bank, was aimed at introducing elements of equity and social cohesion in market economies: not by juxtaposition, as the Left likes to think that would like to correct the injustices of capitalism with public spending, thus ending up aggravating them, but by integration. For the simple reason that a society that is more socially equal is also more economically efficient; and that therefore a recovering South, richer and more productive, would make the whole of Italy richer and more competitive, which is in dire need of it.

So, esteemed President Draghi, if in the end a government will be launched in the ministry for the South, it will take whoever wants, even a Swiss; and, indeed, maybe not even a ministry for the South does it. What will make the difference will be the ideas and projects of the government as a whole: the best Southern policy is a national policy, because in the national interest the redemption of the South.

February 8, 2021 | 09:33

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