Netflix’s third and final season i never The series is sure to be a hit, as the trailer shows a new potential love interest in Devi. While she’s already experienced dating Ben and Paxton at the same time, the upcoming Indian role is sure to get her attention and her mother’s approval.

Devi’s true personality is never satisfied and pursues another boy instead of being happy that she finally landed in Paxton. Throughout the series, however, viewers occasionally get glimpses of the characters deviating from their typical behavior. These quotes stand out from the usually predictable characters.

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“A boy came to see you.”

Nalini Vishwakumar

Nalini, Devi’s stereotypical protective mother, surprised her daughter Paxton when she told her to speak to her at the front door instead of telling him to go away. There are several moments throughout the series where she forces Devi away from the boys, making this particular scene stand out.

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When Devi entered the emergency room after the coyote attack, Nalini told Paxton he was “walking HPV” and left. At the end of season 1, when she sees Devi kissing Ben in the car, she forces her out of the car. It’s unlikely she’d be so easygoing to even allow her daughter to go out and talk to Paxton. She was too protective.

“I’ll never be a model. I’m too curvy.”

Kamala Nandivadar

When Kamala explained to the newsboy that she was not a model, her tone was so innocent that it bordered on comical. While it’s arguably part of her personality, as Kamala is especially funny at times, viewers must remember that Kamala is a woman trying to separate herself from her parents’ traditional Indian values ​​in order to earn her Ph.D. from Caltech.

Kamala has been described as a brilliant biologist, fully competent in her field, regardless of what her colleagues think. Her comments about her appearance, no matter how silly, were an odd addition that didn’t fit her personality. She is aware of her own beauty, and given that she is breaking expectations of her, both romantically and professionally, she will be equally aware of changing standards of beauty. Even if she’s trying to be funny, she’s unlikely to brag about her looks in the first place.

“Idiots keep knocking. We can learn how to do that too.”

Fabiola Torres

As Devi and Eleanor’s robot-making best friends, Fabiola is smart, loving, and has discovered her sexuality. When she explained in the first episode how the girls figured out how to lose their virginity, by the end of season 2, it seemed like an insincere sentiment. Fab was never portrayed as someone who was particularly concerned about losing their virginity.

While she still tries to find a boyfriend while figuring out how she feels about her female classmates, she’s never been as focused on sex as Devi. Her comments seem to be more about keeping Devi happy than something she really wants to follow. Fabiola is emerging as a strong LGBTQ+ character as she develops and understands her own feelings and sexuality, rather than being portrayed as a hormone-driven teen.

“Because from now on, drama is no longer part of my life.”

Eleanor Wang

Eleanor can never be far from drama. She has been dramatic since the first episode, claiming that she will never use her legs in solidarity with Devi again. She loves acting thanks to her mom, but swears it has nothing to do with it after she finds out her mom has abandoned her again to pursue her acting dreams.

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Despite her excitement, she felt uneasy about her mother. Joyce’s return and subsequent disappearance from her life is extreme, and Eleanor should love drama and discovery. In her true dramatic character, she should have realized that her mother’s story was just a chapter in her strange childhood as she became the heroine of the theater.

“You shouldn’t be wearing that much makeup.”

Ben Gross

Ben tells Devi to wear less makeup because “it will gather on your beard.” At the beginning of the entire series, he is portrayed as Devi’s nemesis. He was portrayed as a mean, nerdy, superficial teenager who kept making rude comments about Devi that could easily be dismissed as bullying. However, it wasn’t him at all. Despite competing with her throughout her education, Ben is actually a good person, and her feelings have always been hurt by Devi.

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Ben is a perfectionist, he just wants to get attention because he doesn’t get it from his family. He was completely misunderstood by Devi. After she quarreled with her mother, he welcomed her into his home. He encourages Eleanor and Fabiola to repair their friendship with Devi because she needs them. Ben is a good guy who genuinely cares about the people in his life and is heartbroken when Devi chooses Paxton over him.

Paxton Hall-Yoshida

Paxton was never an ambitious student. When he realized he might not get into college without improving his grades, he just wanted to do better. Even though he turned to Devi for help and he got better in school, even his teachers were surprised when he volunteered with Devi and Ben for an extra credit project.

This is a particularly important moment. While the extra credit goes completely against his underachieving but popular personality, Paxton is trying to make a difference for his future, and he’s trying to do it on his own because coaching can only get him so far . Devi may see him in a new light after the project, cementing her and Paxton as couple goals for some fans.

“This nerd plays doubles like a pro.”

John McEnroe

Tennis star John McEnroe narrates the show in the episode starring Devi. Her father, Mohan, had told her that she was similar in character to McEnroe. However, the narrator says he doesn’t condone cheating, but goes on to praise Devi for being so good at “playing doubles”.

Throughout most of his narration, McEnroe does not condone much of her behavior and treatment of her friend, often telling her to “read the room, Devi.” This is the first time McEnroe has actually complimented Devi for her actions, no matter how much he disagrees with her dating Ben and Paxton at the same time, but it’s one of the worst things she’s ever done on the series.

“I promise to be better friends from now on.”

Devi Vishwakumar

Devi is an outgoing but selfish protagonist. She loves her friends but constantly bails them out when needed. In yet another selfish moment, she lied to Paxton that she lost her virginity, and she assured Eleanor and Fabiola that she would do better. Unfortunately, she is incapable of doing better. A few days later, she ditched Eleanor and turned to help Paxton when she needed it.

Devi has proven time and time again that she’s a terrible friend and can’t be trusted when her friends need her the most. She gave up helping Paxton with her studies, accidentally spreading rumors that Anessa had an eating disorder because she was too caught up in her emotions and drama. Her selfish behavior prevents Devi from being a good friend to those around her.

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