«Ace Ventura – The pet catcher» is back on TV: this is how the protagonists became

On February 4, 1994, «Ace Ventura – L’accanimali», a film directed by Tom Shadyac with Jim Carrey, the absolute star, arrives in American cinemas. The hilarious test of the actor, until then known in the US only as a television comedian, soon transformed him into an international star. The film – airing tonight at 10.10pm on Paramount – tells the story of a wacky detective hired to find the Snowflake dolphin, mascot of the Miami Dolphins football team kidnapped on the eve of the Super Bowl. After having risked succumbing several times Ace Ventura, with a final twist (of dubious taste), succeeds in the enterprise. Despite Carrey’s astonishing performance, the detective parody leaves us perplexed by the maddeningly homophobic, sexist and demented comedy. Produced on a minimal budget, the film, despite bad reviews, is a blockbuster with over $ 107 million at the box office. It has two sequels, “Ace Ventura – Mission Africa” ​​(1995) and “Ace Ventura 3” (2009), as well as a cartoon television series called “Ace Ventura” (1995). Here is what happened to the protagonists.

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