agreement signed between the EU and the UK on fish quotas –

Peace trials to end the fish war in the Channel, which had moved the English and French navies mobilized in front of the waters of the island of Jersey. The EU Council has approved the agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom on fisheries for 2021 and, for deep-sea stocks, for 2021 and 2022.

On 2 June the parties had reached an agreement in principle. Now there is an agreement, reached after five months of consultations. Among other provisions, the total number of eligible fisheries is established for 75 shared fish stocks and for a number of deep-sea stocks. It also provides clarity on access limits for off-quota species.

After approval by the Council, the agreement will now be transposed into EU legislation. In line with the EU-UK trade and cooperation agreement A specialized committee on fisheries will be set up to finalize some of the outstanding issues, including trading in allowances and some technical measures.

The agreement ensures stability for fishermen in both the UK and the EU, while ensuring sustainable management of marine resources and paving the way for future consultations on fishing rights, explains the EU.

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