agreement with Spielberg for several films a year –

Steven Spielberg signs an agreement with Netflix for the production of films through his company Amblin Partners. The partnership with the Oscar-winning director was long sought by Netflix content manager Ted Sarandos. The pact gives the platform access to one of the most legendary directors in the world of cinema at a time when competition in the streaming space is becoming fiercer with the launch of Disney Plus, HBO Max and other challengers. The agreement does not necessarily include films directed by Spielberg. In Amblin storytelling will always be at the center of our projects. There is an incredible opportunity to tell new stories and reach audiences in new ways – the director commented in a note -, this new path for our films will be extremely rewarding and we can’t wait to get started. Amblin and Netflix have already teamed up with the film The Trial of Chicago 7, a 2020 film directed by Aaron Sorkin that garnered 6 Oscar nominations.

The surprising move is a sign of the great changes taking place in Hollywood, in part because Spielberg was previously seen as a skeptic on Netflix. In 2019, for example, the director reportedly urged the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to ban Oscar eligibility for streaming releases. Sources close to the director, however, dispute that Spielberg ever tried to rule out Netflix eligibility. He later clarified his position in a statement to the New York Times, in which he denied trying to stop Netflix from winning the Oscars. He also reaffirmed his support for the cinematic experience, stating: I want people to find their entertainment in any form or way that they see fit for them. Big screen, small screen: what really matters to me is a great story and everyone should have access to great stories.

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