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It is not easy to stage a collective trauma and it is not easy to relive that painful event that we still carry around, because that 11 June 40 years ago a visual shock broke a barrier, a taboo and, since then, we have been living together. with a wound that is impossible to suture. Alfredino. An Italian story is a Sky production (four episodes) written by Barbara Petronio and Francesco Balletta, directed by Marco Pontecorvo. Even today we are here wondering whether or not it was right to transmit that terrible agony from the well of death? It was right, it was not right to point the camera at a child who was sinking into a black hole where, shortly thereafter, all our conceptions about TV, about the relationship between information, would sink, with pity and shame for the boy. and spectacle, on the conflicts between life and death?

Next to Anna Foglietta (very good at interpreting the role of Franca Rampi), Francesco Acquaroli (the commander of the Fire Brigade Elveno Pastorelli), Vinicio Marchioni (the policeman who spoke at length with Alfredino), Luca Angeletti and others conscientiously reconstruct the tragedy, the various attempts to rescue, often desperate as improvised, until failure, until the child’s voice and breath go out, after 60 hours of darkness. Fortunately, the miniseries insists a lot on the fact that Alfredino’s live death gave a decisive impetus to the establishment of the Civil Protection as we know it today and thanks to the determination of Franca Rampi. Alfredino’s interminable agony was not a spectacle of death (there was no cynicism or cruelty); it was death as a show, a show moved by inertia, by inability, by the desire to participate in the nascent media circus. Vermicino is the indelible stigma of the impossibility of pulling the plug, of the prevailing of events over the fragility of consciences.

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