Alitalia, check the fund to save tickets. The newco Ita takes off in October –

The government takes the field on the issue of tickets issued by Alitalia for scheduled flights when the airline will be replaced by the newco Italia Trasporti Aereo around October. The control room decided to create a special fund to re-protect passengers, allowing them to board other airlines to reach their intended destination. A way to protect the rights of travelers on the one hand, but also to satisfy the requests for discontinuity between Alitalia and the ITA of the European Commission. The Commission will have to give the final approval to the proposal, probably during the meeting that Commissioner Margrethe Vestager will have with the Italian ministers Daniele Franco (Economics) and Giancarlo Giorgetti (Economic Development) on Wednesday 30 June.

The stakes of Brussels

In fact, this was the most delicate issue of the transition from the old company to the new company. Among the various stakes, Brussels had also imposed that of the non-portability of tickets issued by Alitalia for scheduled flights when in reality the carrier in extraordinary administration will no longer be there and when Italia Trasporti Aereo should take off. Tens of thousands of bookings thus risked turning into a sequence of refunds creating more than a few inconvenience to users. The fund that we plan to create – according to when we learn from the control room at Palazzo Chigi – will have to draw on the data of the extraordinary administration by analyzing not only the number of passengers booked, but also where they are headed, so as to understand how do to re-protect them.

The assets

At the same time, the queen cabin has established that Italia Trasporti Aereo will take off in October, except for hitches, under the leadership of the president Alfredo Altavilla and the managing director Fabio Lazzerini. The newco, according to the agreements at the end of May with the European Commission, will be able to purchase the aviation branch of Alitalia (airplanes, flight personnel, part of the slots) through direct negotiation, but all the other assets of the old company will have to end up in a public auction, transparent and open to all. These are the brand and logo, handling (ie ground services), maintenance and the MilleMiglia loyalty program. Program that will not be able to end up in the perimeter of ITA which in fact will not participate in the tender.

The passage

Setting a date, the experts explain, helps to give an initial indication of when the passage will take place – also in terms of flight operations – and could allow the extraordinary administration to have an idea of ​​when to stop selling flights. . On the other hand, it allows ITA to proceed with the recapitalization which should be around € 1.35 billion by 2023 (700 million by 2021, 400 million in 2022 and 250 million the following year), net of credit lines. of credit with banks useful to finance, among other things, the renewal of the fleet. The control room also confirmed the arrival of the new bridge loan to Alitalia – scheduled for the past few weeks and for an amount of 100 million -, so as to make it arrive next autumn without further troubles.

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