Attackers market: Juve are waiting for Ronaldo, Mbapp wants Real, Messi-Bara, now what happens? Icardi-Haaland-Griezmann: how their future changes

The lowest earner has just turned 21 and brings home 8 million a season: Haaland. Those who have won the most already have a place among the legends: Messi and Ronaldo, six Ballon d’Or against five. Then there are those who are considered their natural heir, Mbapp; who tried to undermine the throne of giants but was soon put in a corner, Griezmann; who in Italy was a ruler and in the richest club in the world, the PSG, got lost, Icardi. What do they have in common, besides football, fame, gigantic engagements? The unhappiness. Or perhaps – not to exaggerate – dissatisfaction. Rich, footballers and dissatisfied: can you? Of course you can, because when you get used to being at the top, every obstacle on the road to glory becomes impossible to bear, and money is not enough to erase the anxieties. And the champions we are talking about, all forwards, are not experiencing the most peaceful moment of their career in recent weeks. Rather.

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