Bassolino: “The Factory in the poor hotel can be the future of Naples”

twelve o’clock, June 11, 2021 – 08:33

The former mayor: «But private resources are also needed

of Gimmo Cuomo

Antonio Bassolino, who has been running for four months, “to win”, for the office of mayor of Naples also underlines the importance of the full recovery of the Albergo dei Povero, without forgetting, however, the historic social destination of the imposing structure.

How do you judge the proposal of the writer Maurizio de Giovanni, launched during the CasaCorriere course, to transform the hotel into a factory of southern creativity?
«The Culture Factory is really a beautiful suggestion. So, first of all, we have to thank de Giovanni. For over 40 years, they have been thinking of bringing this gigantic monument back to the center of a new discourse for the city. There, in the hotel, there was a piece of the university until the 1980 earthquake did not cause significant damage. Then, stages of extraordinary beauty opened with the Napoli Teatro Festival. Furthermore, important restoration works were financed with funds from Enalotto. Then many discussions, reflections, debates. Now, with the resources of Recovery there can be a new beginning. And everyone, I stress everyone, must dutifully lend a hand. This, aware of the relevance of the relaunch project, but also well aware of the difficulties. In fact, it will take many more resources than those of the Recovery which, however, represent an excellent starting point. And then, but this also applies to other large public buildings, and more generally to the city, public funds will have to be flanked by private international, national and Neapolitan resources. The synergy between public and private is decisive for the future “.

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Other options for creating cultural incubators?
«In Naples there are many public buildings that can be enhanced. But let’s not forget that the restoration and relaunch of Palazzo Fuga brings with it a broader reasoning on Piazza Carlo III, on the connections between the square and the city and even beyond the city. Touching a huge and delicate place like the hotel means foreseeing everything that the intervention entails in terms of urban planning, transport, the overall organization of the city. We touch a key that concerns the future of Naples, the production of culture and also the experimentation of the most advanced aesthetic research. The hotel is of such size that, in addition to the Factory, it can have other cultural destinations. Factory, libraries, aesthetic research. It is also necessary to provide for a sporting and social use, because we have the duty of consistency with history. Of course, quality and inclusion will matter a lot. There is a whole world around and behind that structure. Let’s proceed, therefore, with the awareness that culture is the main productive and civil resource of Naples. But together with culture, let’s not forget inclusion and social security, that is, public order, prevention, education. I must confess that I look with particular passion to the future of the former poor hotel for emotional and sentimental reasons as well as political and institutional ones. I attended the gymnasium and high school at the Garibaldi, right there in front. That structure is not only the second largest building in Europe after the Louvre, it is a city, a world, and for this we must enhance it as a fundamental part of the relaunch of Naples, as a fundamental part of the soul and the international vocation of the city that when it opens up to the world it knows how to offer the best of itself, while when it closes it gives the worst ».

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Next Wednesday he has scheduled a meeting in Piazza Carità. You have been using social media for some time to communicate. What value do you attribute to a traditional live appointment?
“Social media, rightly, must be used. But modern politics as well as through the new media must also be made up of human relationships, we must also look into each other’s eyes. I try to take into account the most up-to-date communication, but politics cannot be reduced to this. For this reason I go every day to a neighborhood, to a municipality. Politics cannot be just what it used to be, but not just social. And this conviction is coherent with the reason why I ran for candidates under the pressure of many citizens of different political orientations, and above all of people who have not voted for 10-15 years ».

Will you also use flyers and posters?
“Of course, all forms of political communication, from the most modern to the most classic.”

11 June 2021 | 08:33


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