“Batman Begins” on TV. Christian Bale’s ordeal in the gym and the Batmobile accident. The 12 secrets of the film

Back on TV (at 6.30 on Sky Cinema Collection), “Batman Begins”, the first chapter of the batman trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan. It is a reboot because the American director reinterprets the story of the multimillionaire Bruce Wayne, starting from his youth and telling how the humiliations suffered, the fall into a well full of bats and above all the shock of the killing of his parents in front of his eyes. the work of a fool have marked its formation. Escaped from Gotham City, Bruce, portrayed by Christian Bale, ends up in a prison in Bhutan, is freed by Ducard (Liam Neeson), main aide of Ra’s al Ghul, leader of the Sect of Shadows. Thanks to hard training, he manages to free himself from the sense of guilt for the death of his parents and from fear. Return to Gotham City, where corruption is now rampant, and help the few who still believe in justice to vanquish evil. Eventually he also clashes with his ancient mentor, Ducard who no longer believes in the regeneration of Gotham City and intends to destroy it forever. Dark and “realistic” film (the protagonist Bruce Wayne has many human weaknesses), has a stellar cast (in addition to Bale and Neeson, there are Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Katie Holmes and Gary Oldman) and is a success with critics and audiences . The film reflects both on the justice-revenge binomial, always and only claiming the legitimacy of the former, and in general on the ineluctable presence of evil in society. Costing $ 150 million, earning $ 352 million, and getting an Oscar nomination for photography. Waiting for the broadcast, here are 12 curiosities that you may not know about the film.

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