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Funding up by 19% (to 681 million euros), loans to support the real economy that reach 313 million (+ 13% compared to 2019) and net profit which – in the face of a very challenging context – was equal to 3.5 million euro (+ 4%) with relative distribution of the dividend to shareholders equal to 3% of the paid-up capital. These are the main numbers of the 2020 financial statements approved unanimously by the meeting of the Bcc of San Marzano, one of the seventy-seven banks belonging to the Cassa Centrale Group. As for solidity, the balance sheet numbers show a net equity growing to 59 million euros (+ 7%) and a CET 1 Ratio that reaches 26.3%, higher than the regulatory requirements and the average of Italian banks (15, 5%), as well as cooperative credit (18.1%).

Synergies with Cassa Centrale Banca

Our Bank, even during the most acute phase of the emergency – explains the president of the Apulian institute Emanuele Di Palma – has continued to be at the forefront to guarantee not only operational continuity, in the maximum safety of shareholders, customers and collaborators, but above all the support to the real economy of the territory. We did this in synergy with the efforts made by the parent company Cassa Centrale Banca and by the companies of the group to which Bcc San Marzano is a part. The 2020 results testify to how much the Cooperative Credit Banks and our bank in particular have managed not only to react, but also to become protagonists of resilience to the crisis and the construction of new premises for the relaunch of the reference communities.

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