beaten Bayern Munich between the shivers-

Milan returns with full merit among the great in Europe. Messina’s team prevails 92-89 in the fifth and decisive match against Bayern Munich, and celebrates the qualification in front of the patron Giorgio Armani at Euroleague Final Four.

In the semi-final on 28 May in Cologne, the Ax Exchange sand will see it against the favorite Barcelona (in the other match on the field CSKA Moscow and Efes Istanbul).
Olimpia prima dominates (also pi 17 to 29 ‘) e then risk the insult in a crazy ending, but the point of 3-2 son of the best offensive performance in the 5 races of the series, with Ettore Messina – which wins her own Final Four number 11 in his career – who applauds the evidence of his team: There was great pressure after losing two away games, but the players were amazing: we played a very solid game 5 beyond the last minute madness, then Hines closed the game . I am delighted for the Mr. Armani: access to the Final Four pays off for the many efforts made to support the club.

Olimpia regains the lost offensive fluidity in the fourth period of game 4 (54% from 3 decisive), but must suffer to the end to beat the Germans coached by a Milanese coach Andrea Trinchieri. Milan rides the evening of grace of an irrepressible Shavon Shields (34 points with 5/6 from 3 and 11/12 to free), which directs the match with 15 points in the first 12 ‘. But when Bayern burned 10 of the 12-point advantage accumulated by the hosts in the final 100 seconds on 91-79 of 38 ‘ veteran Kyle Hines (12 with 7 rebounds) to defend the fort repelling the assault for Baldwin’s possible draw with a masterful defensive play. Final worthy of aa palpitating series, the first won by Milan in the modern era of the Euroleague to conquer one final that was missing since 1992.

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