Bernardeschi transformed with Italy at the 2021 Europeans. The secret is the «Hoffman path» –

Even within a group selected for a short tournament like the Mancini national team, they are there players who act as a litmus test: it is not an exaggeration to say that if the coach with the magical touch (and the heel) has also recovered Federico Bernardeschi to the cause, after an almost disastrous season with Juventus, then anything can happen to this team that is preparing for the eighth against Austria, Saturday at Wembley.

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Bern met again with Wales as a starter and once moved to left, has shown once more that beyond the always different and showy hairstyles, there are two versions of the same soccer player, the blue one (because here they make me risk the game he said after beating San Marino) and the Juventus one: When you play well and have fun on the pitch, everything is more beautiful. the icing on the cake, a truly extraordinary thing Fede reiterated yesterday in the interview with UEFA.
But the cake is still what you see from the outside, because the inner footballer another thing. And from this point of view Bernardeschi is probably the most complex boy on the national team. It is no coincidence that the Mancini path, for him, is intertwined with Hoffman route, a personal growth technique born 50 years ago in California and spread all over the world, even if little known by the general public: Something happened to me that changed my life: I took a path called Hoffman, which allows you to discover the person you really are – said Bernardeschi in front of the audience of Bocconi students in 2019 -. From that moment I understood many things and I said enough: I no longer play for others, but for myself.

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Perhaps this is also the reason why Fede, paid 40 million by Juve, yields – to criticism, sarcasm, even to the insults of social media by his own fans – but it never breaks. And he is reborn each time in a more fertile environment for him, like the blue one: What Bernardeschi did was an inner journey – explains Riccardo Pittis, former basketball champion, with the National team, Milan and Treviso and today mental coach of athletes, managers, entrepreneurs and even “ordinary” people -: in a nutshell it allows you to get to know yourself better, to learn to love yourself and above all it brings you closer to your true nature, to your essence. I would not want it to be confused with something esoteric or too spiritual: pragmatic and very intense, as it lasts a week, with a full immersion in a protected environment. Bernardeschi’s luck, unlike my case, having discovered it during his career: it will surely be useful to him.

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Absolute confidentiality on the method used. Certainly l’Hoffman something very different from motivational coaching, used in the most delicate phases of one’s career by two others azzurri, come Bonucci e Acerbi, or from Neurolinguistic Programming (Pnl) used by other mental coaches used more and more by footballers. The program – we read on the Italian site of the Hoffman Process – uses various tools such as writing, visualization, sharing and emotional expression, and allows you to experience all the levels of your being, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical, which make up what Bob Hoffman called the “Quadrinity of the individual”. If this is also needed, to preserve a talent in many ways unexpressed like that of Bernardeschi, then also Il Mancio thanks.

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