Bianca Guaccero, dark lady with Bocci “but in life I’m a Bridget Jones”

“Until the last beat” the fiction signed by Cinzia Th Torrini has reached its fourth episode (Thursday) and is in the midst of its intriguing events. The protagonists are Marco Bocci, who plays Diego a heart surgeon, his girlfriend Elena (Violante Placido) and his mistress Rosa (Bianca Guaccero). The beautiful Apulian actress, very attractive in this fiction – often happens in TV series to interpret fatal, bad and very sexy women – is therefore a dark lady, a very distant role from the real Bianca. «I have great difficulty in being the femme fatale, I have a lot of modesty in life, I have always had them – he explained – I always do it with self-irony, but Rosa, my character, is very irrepressible. I am the opposite, I am more Bridget Jones in life ».

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