There are still a few days left until the end of the tender XV. Edition of “Woman over the top”, the most-attended literary competition aimed at those living directly or indirectly with breast cancer. Hundreds of writings have been collected over these 15 years, providing a unique insight into life with and after the disease. Above all, the initiative would like to remind people of the importance of writing as a real therapy for emotional pain and for escaping loneliness. “Writing during the direct and indirect experience of this disease helps to process experiences and to put one’s own existence back in order,” reports the association IoSempreDonna, initiator of the initiative. “Writing can also be a way to face your fears.”


Saluteseno: Women with cancer tell their stories

by Tiziana Moriconi

Who can participate?

The project is aimed at women and men who are (or have been) diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as their family members or friends. There are three sections to participate in: Long Story, Short Story, and Poetry (am Club website You can download the full announcement). A special prize also goes to the most ironic writing from one of the three sections. Registration for the competition is free: Participation in all three sections is possible, but no more than one work can be submitted per section. The works can be written by several authors, but the contact person can only be one and must be sent by email (one email for each work) to the secretariat of the literary competition “Donna sopra le Righe” by July 26th. The works will be evaluated by a commission composed of experts and teachers appointed by the Council of the Ioseempredonna ODV Association.

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