Brothers of Italy threatens the Aventino-

The new place of politics is the leader of the Pontius Pilate group. The one that, according to Ignazio La Russa, met yesterday afternoon in the Senate, without unblocking the Copasir affair. And so, the first meeting of the Parliamentary Committee for the security of the Republic convened after almost three months, set for today at 2 pm, in all likelihood will see the absence of Brothers of Italy. Although yesterday, late in the evening, the party was still discussing it. In short, one of the guarantee commissions that should be guided by the opposition will not even see the presence of the opposition.

The story has come to the fore since the birth of the government. FdI, the only opposition party, expected that the League’s president of the commission on services Raffaele Volpi would give way to his own exponent: natural candidate, the current vice-president Adolfo Urso. Didn’t happen.

Ignazio La Russa tells it thus: The Presidents of the Chambers they agree with us, but they say they don’t have authoritative power. I believe that they have not exercised the power of direction and therefore have referred the matter to the group leaders. Sennonch, on that occasion, only Roberto Calderoli (Lega) took the floor, to say that the conference is not entitled to tackle the problem. La Russa continues: Since no one took the floor, obviously embarrassed, we left the meeting of Pontius Pilate.

Meanwhile, in the Chamber, FdI implements a tight obstruction. Igor Iezzi (Lega) comments: We should have talked about the reopening of schools and the storage of radioactive waste, and instead we were forced by someone to talk about armchairs. Secco the group leader Riccardo Molinari: If the presidents of the Chamber and Senate have assessed that the body is legitimate and functioning like this, there is nothing else to add. La Russa disagrees: A parliamentary norm can only be overcome if everyone agrees, in Latin nemine contradicente. But we don’t agree.

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The only precedent of a Copasir president remained in his place passing from the opposition to the majority, in 2011, Massimo D’Alema. According to the then President of the Senate Renato Schifani, the situation politically and institutionally very embarrassing and a solution should be found. And in any case, the cases are not perfectly superimposable with those of the time: Then there was an exceptional situation for at least three reasons: there was a year left to the end of the legislature; the Monti government was a technical government; there was a majority of over 90%, with the objective difficulty of identifying minorities. A personal opinion. But it is clear that an agreement between the presidents of the Chamber and the Senate will give the right solution.

Daniela Santanch indignant: There is no such situation in any other Western country. After all, the conversion of Lega and Forza Italia to cashback should have said a lot. And you really don’t want to hear about the question of armchairs: it is not that at all: the question of checks and balances that arises in every democracy. And it’s not a good sign to drop the ace and not give a damn about the safeguards. Of course the tensions between the Lega and the Brothers of Italy are at their peak. Not only in Rome: in Lombardy, Giorgia Meloni’s party has announced that it will not participate in council meetings.

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