Canelo Alvarez, the boxer who is about to become the richest ever: the yacht, the cars, the dressage horses

May 4, 2021 – 2:47 pm

The Mexican boxer dreams of breaking through the threshold of one billion euros in earnings soon: he could do it above all thanks to a mega-contract with Dazn

of Lorenzo Nicolao

They call him Canelo, which in Spanish means “cinnamon”, for the red of his hair, nickname with which Mexican boxer Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán distinguished himself among the strongest of all time in international boxing. And now he has a further goal to become the richest boxer ever by breaking through the $ 1 billion mark. Since 2019 world champion in four different weight categories, out of 58 fights played, the 30-year-old boxer has won 55, 36 by knockout, two drawn and only one lost, in September 2013, against that phenomenon of Floyd Mayweather. The champion from Guadalajara, however, not only stands out in the ring, but also outside, where he knows how to enjoy luxury goods without excess and where he aims for a career in the world of marketing and advertising once his gloves are on the nail. Already among the richest boxers in the world, 91st among all millionaire celebrities according to the 2020 Forbes ranking, Canelo Álvarez makes a living from boxing, but enjoys the wealthy life of the overpaid athlete “without underestimating the value of every purchase and every investment », Because, as said in a recent interview,« I was born very poor and my father taught me to appreciate every single thing I could receive in the course of my life ».

May 4, 2021 | 14:47


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